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About the adoptable cats

Check out the adorable cats below, they are available for you to adopt! If you are interested, complete an adoption form and send it in, we will contact you and discuss the details.


  Annette lost her eye to herpes at five weeks of age. She also suffers from irritable bowel disorder and requires daily medication.Annette


  Baxter is the only survivor of his litter. They came in at five weeks old, covered in fleas. He fit in the palm of my hand. He was so anemic from the flea infestation that he had to be tube fed and medicated for two weeks. He grew to be a whopping five pound adult. He still suffers from irritable bowel disorder and requires daily medication.Baxter


  Charlie was born with a jaw deformity. His lower jaw is shorter and crooked. Despite the fact that both lower corners are on the right, he still eats dry food like a champ! His tongue just hangs out of the left side while he's doing it...Charlie


  Daniel-James and Jeremiah-David
These brothers were found in a tire at 5 days old. Their mother was gone and a sibling had already died. Both had been in the Arizona heat a little too long. They were jaundiced at two weeks old and almost died. Daniel is cross-eyed and Jeremiah was very physically delayed, but look at them now!




  Duncan is hypocerebellar. He is most affected by this and has the greatest difficulty walking. He also lost an eye to hereps. None of this bothers him though! When he wants to get somewhere, he meows and let's us know that he needs a ride!Duncan


  Esmerelda, "The Empress" is hypocerebellar,a condition with affects coordination, but being a "tortie", she was not going to be left behind by her brothers. She discovered at four months of age that she could walk upright by leaning against a wall. After a year of physical therapy, she could walk on her own, she just weaves and wobbles a bit. Being royalty, when she wants something, she demands it...and when she wants to do something on her own she let's us know she is definitely in charge!Esmeralda


  Jimmy has hydrocephalus, which gives him a very large head. Most kittens do not survive this condition, but Jimmy is definitely not most kittens! His balance is off and we do worry when he falls and bumps his head, but Jimmy climbs and plays like any other 7 month old kitten.Jimmy


  Lydia is a little zany at times!Lydia


  Nicholas-Dean was found on the side of the road after being hit by a car. His jaw was broken in at least three places, and he had multiple facial fractures. His owners were unable to pay for his medical expenses and he was surrendered. Dr. Celeste Flannery wired his jaw and a feeding tube had to be placed. It took four long months before his jaw was healed and the wire removed. Due to the extent of the damage, his face is just a little crooked. We think it makes him look very dignified.Daniel-James


  Pasquale has chronic eye problemsPasquale


  Roger has chronic sinus problemsRoger


  Sarai was a live-trapped feral baby who is now one of the "mature crew" at Mahma's House. She had asthmaa and a degenerative lung condition, and requires daily medication. She is thirteen years old and has surpassed even her doctor with her longevity. Every day with her is a gift.Sarai


  Scotts'N'Dale was found in a parking lot at about 12 weeks of age. He had been grabbed by some animal, as the upper left portion of his jaw was completely destroyed and had to be surgically removed. It took weeks of care for him to heal from this horrific injury. He still has occasional sinus infections and requires medication due to his rough beginning.Scotts'n'Dale


  Solomon or "Soms" as he is referred to was a "Typhoid Marty" as a kitten. He is a calici survivor and also lost more than half of his hair due to ringworm. This kid looked like  balding, snotty nose two yer old fr months. He still requires daily medication, but is a loving and well-adjusted Mahma's Boy!Solomon






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