Mahma's House Cat Rescue

Adoptable kitten"A forever home for special needs cats"

Mahma's House is a 501(c)3 non-profit, cage-free sanctuary. We focus on special needs cats and kittens—those babies too often euthanized for not being "perfect". They all come with different stories, many heartbreaking: the kitten found hanging from a barb-wire fence; the cat dragging a steel beaver trap, still attached to his crushed foot. Both Isabella and Xavier lost a limb...but found a permanent, safe home.

Each year numerous newborns are found and surrendered. These precious babies require feeding every two hours, around the clock for their first two weeks of life. Some are able to take a bottle, aothers need to be tube fed. Those who survive are placed in pre-screened homes when they are old enough.





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