Mahma's House Cat Rescue

KittenSome Facts About Mahma's House

Running a facility to provide the safe, loving care for all the cats and kittens isn't cheap or easy! Here are some quick statistics about us...and our wish list.

Each week we use the following:

  • 126 14 ounce cans of food ($208)
  • 160 pounds of dry cat food ($136)
  • 350 pounds of scoopable cat litter...14 cleanings ($91)
  • 10 rolls of paper towels...hairballs happen! ($10)
  • 42 recycled grocery bags to hold the used litter
  • 25 loads of laundry

As you can see, expenses are significant. Your donations of materials or money are greatly appreciated! If you think you could help, consider using one of the donation links below. Using the links from PayPal allow you to safely and securely help Mahma's House using either your own PayPal account or your credit card.

None of your personal financial information is shared with us, only your monetary assistance!

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